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Fire extinguishers aren’t just a ‘good to have’ safety measure, they are a legal requirement.

It is also your responsibility to ensure your staff are trained to use your fire extinguishers (Fire Safety Order 2005)

Fire extinguisher installation and inspections

We are leading providers of fire extinguisher installation, training and inspections in the Ipwsich & Colchester areas.

Our fire extinguisher services include:

  • a free survey of your premises with full report of extinguisher types required and locations
  • the supply and installation of all types of fire extinguisher and relevant fire signage
  • Fire Marshall training
  • routine preventative maintenance under a simple Annual Service Agreement
  • 24-hour response call-out service
  • discounted rates for contract customers
After every inspection, we fix a record of it to the serviced equipment showing its condition, the work carried out and the date the check was made. We also issue a certificate showing your extinguishers are maintained and meet the British standard. All fire extinguishers supplied by us come with a full five-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

All our fire safety engineers are trained to meet BS5306 standards.

What you need to do

As a business owner, you are obliged by law to:

  • provide the correct type of fire extinguishers
  • ensure your staff are adequately trained to assess and attack fires in the workplace safely
  • position and maintain the fire extinguishers per The British Standard Code of Practice (BS5306, Part 3)
By law, your fire extinguishers must be serviced at least once every 12 months. That's why we offer cost-effective ongoing contracts.

Our clients

We provide fire extinguisher installation, training and servicing to a range of business types.

Our clients include schools, colleges and universities, bars and restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals and more.

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance service.

Fire Extinguisher FAQs

Will a Fire Extinguisher go out of date?

Although fire extinguishers don’t officially have an expiration date, this usually is dependent on the quality of manufacturing. No fire extinguisher will last forever. Your fire extinguisher will likely have a manufacturing date stamped onto the cylinder. You can then use this as a reference for planning annual checks and regular maintenance from specialists like Iniga to ensure your fire extinguisher remains at its full potential.

Can a Fire Extinguisher be placed on the floor?

Ideally a fire extinguisher should be mounted on the wall or placed inside wall cabinets. However with partitions and glass walls this can sometimes prove difficult. Provided it is kept in a permanent position within the building, it is possible to use a fire extinguisher stand which does indeed sit on the floor as a suitable replacement when a wall mount is not feasible.

How do I dispose of Fire Extinguishers?

If your fire extinguisher has been used then there may be an opportunity to recycle it rather than dispose of it. However if disposal is your only option then please remember that fire extinguishers are classified as hazardous waste. A business has a legal duty to dispose of fire extinguishers safely and legitimately when required. If the fire extinguisher has been damaged then it may be dangerous to remove this yourself, as the contents of the cannister are under pressure and there is a risk of it discharging when moved. Instead ensure you have it removed by a licensed disposal company.

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