Emergency lighting is important in situations where there is an issue with the main power supply and the normal lighting stops working. Our team can install, as well as test and maintain your current emergency lighting installation. 

Lighting can be cut off for many reasons including a power cut, a fire or simply because there is a faulty lighting system. The problem is when the darkness causes a potential hazard, which is why you need emergency lighting services.

Types of emergency lighting installation

At Iniga, we offer comprehensive emergency lighting services in the Ipswich & Colchester areas. Installation and maintenance are required by law (Fire Safety Order 2005).
Whatever your requirements, applications and specifications - our emergency lighting installation services mean we can provide the right solution for your premises. Our highly professional emergency lighting engineers can install all types of emergency lighting systems including:
  • Escape route lighting
  • Open area lighting (also known as anti-panic lighting)
  • High-risk areas (illuminates potentially dangerous areas)
Our emergency lighting services provide tailored emergency lighting systems to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We can create bespoke solutions for warehouses, offices, residential properties and developments and for specialist areas and buildings. 

Commercial lighting maintenance & testing - what's included?

The Regulatory Reform Order puts the legal responsibility for the provision, regular testing and on-going emergency light maintenance. Just like any emergency equipment, it’s essential emergency lighting is tested and maintained. Our qualified and fully trained team in all the relevant British standards to provide you with the reassurance that your system, making sure your lighting is fitted and maintained to meet the exacting requirements. Our emergency light maintenance includes a full emergency light inspection and the following:
  • the design, installation and commissioning of all types of emergency lighting
  • monthly system tests to ensure your lighting system is working correctly
  • an annual discharge test, as required by law
  • 24-hour call-out service
  • Emergency light testing
  • discounted rates for contract customers

All our services are delivered in accordance with BS5266-1.

Emergency Lighting inspections, testing & maintenance 

After we've installed your emergency lighting system, we also provide emergency lighting testing packages that offer hands-on expertise to ensure all components are working including switches, batteries, luminaries and control equipment. Your emergency lighting systems should be checked by a ‘responsible person’ on a monthly basis to ensure that it is in perfect working order.
  • Daily emergency lighting inspections – this only applies to systems with one central backup battery systems/emergency generator. It requires a daily emergency light inspection of indicators on the primary power supply to ensure it's in a ready condition.
  • Monthly emergency lighting tests – All emergency lighting systems should be tested monthly and the duration should be sufficient to ensure that each of your emergency lights powers on when you switch your main power supply off. Our team will also ensure that your emergency system is fully charging and keep a logbook to keep a record of your results.
  • Annual emergency lighting tests – This is a test for the full rated duration of the emergency lighting solutions at least once every year. If your emergency light is supposed to give you three full hours of light when the mains power goes off, the test has to last for at least three hours. It must be recorded and any failures corrected as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the installation or maintenance of emergency lighting get in touch with our team today. We work across Suffolk, Colchester and surrounding East Anglia areas. 
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