Commercial Fire Safety & Security Maintenance in Suffolk & Colchester

Without proper monitoring and maintenance, your fire and security equipment can become inefficient and potentially dangerous. Ensuring your fire alarm system is in working order is a requirement of the RRO 2005 and vital for the continued safety of your staff and customers.
In addition to supplying and installing fire and security equipment, Iniga has a dedicated maintenance team to ensure your equipment and systems are kept in prime condition, keeping your business safe and legal.
Choose from our iCARE services or Pay as You Go service packages. 

iCARE Safety Maintenance Contracts

 Our iCARE bespoke service agreement packages are perfect for busy business owners who want to ensure the safety and security of their team but don’t have the time to arrange, manage and oversee regular maintenance.
Each iCARE package has been carefully designed to offer a one-stop-shop for the servicing and maintenance of all your systems, at a single price to suit your budget, 
All iCARE service and maintenance contracts include:
●      British Standards approved certification
●      Fully DBS checked Engineers
●      24-hour call-out and technical support
●      Flexible payment options to spread the costs over 12-months

iCARE Iniga Service Plan

Our basic level package includes:

●      Fire alarm
●      Emergency lighting
●      Fire extinguisher

From £9.99 per month (inc. VAT)

iCARE Pro Iniga Service Plan

Our mid-level package includes:
●      Fire alarm
●      Emergency lighting
●      Fire extinguisher
●      Intruder alarm
●      CCTV
●      Access control

From £15.99 per month (inc. VAT)

iCARE+Iniga Service Plan

Our premium, fully comprehensive package includes:

●      Fire alarm
●      Emergency lighting
●      Fire extinguisher
●      Intruder alarm
●      CCTV
●      Access control
●      Replacement of all parts and call outs

From £29.99 per month (inc. VAT)

Please contact us today to discuss the iCARE packages outlined above or to create your own bespoke package. 

Pay as You Go

Fire alarm servicing from £30.00
Emergency Lighting from £30.00
Fire Extinguishers from £2.99 each (Minimum charge applies)
CCTV servicing from £30.00
Intruder Alarm Servicing from £30.00
Access Control Servicing from £30.00

Fire Alarm Service & Maintenance

In order to comply with British Standards BS5839, the code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarms systems, you should be completing a fire alarm service every 6-months as a minimum. 
Our technicians will carry out a wide range of checks, before correcting any faults or non-compliances to ensure the system is compliant and in working order
Please get in touch with our team to book a fire alarm service.

Emergency Lighting Testing 

Emergency lighting should be tested at least once a month by isolating the power supply to the lights to ensure all the lights are functioning correctly. In addition, an annual emergency lighting service should be carried out to comply with British Standards BS5266.
Contact our team today to book fire alarm testing.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire extinguishers are often the first port of call in a fire, so it’s essential to have a fire extinguisher serviced regularly. In order to comply with BS5306 your extinguishers should be serviced annually, but we recommend they are checked regularly, and any issues reported to us. This prolongs the life of the extinguishers, keeps your team and customers safe, but also will save you money in the long run.
Speak to our team to book a fire extinguisher service.

CCTV Service

Like any technical equipment, it’s important that regular maintenance is carried out on your CCTV system. An annual CCTV service will include tests to ensure the system is operating correctly and provide an update of software and the replacement of any failing or damaged parts before they cause any lasting damage.
Please get in touch to book a CCTV system service.

Intruder Alarm Maintenance

It is critical to keep your intruder alarm in good working order and like CCTV systems, your intruder alarm should be serviced and tested regularly. 
As part of our intruder alarm testing, we will include everything from checking the detection devices and control units, through to the alert system and power supply. An intruder alarm that is not maintained is a false economy, as it may not protect you in the event of a burglary and may even void your insurance policy.
Please contact us to arrange intruder alarm maintenance.

Access Control Servicing 

Preventative maintenance is essential to ensuring system performance and also gives you peace of mind that the system is working correctly. 
We recommend carrying out an Access Control Service at least once a year, through our iCARE service packages provide you with access to 24-hour call outs and technical support should you experience any issues. 
Please get in touch with Iniga to arrange an access control service. 

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