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You can't always be there to keep your business and premises safe. However, our alarm system & CCTV systems installation allows your premises to be monitored around the clock. CCTV is a proven crime prevention tool that ensures you have vigilant eyes on your business. Iniga is a leading local security camera installation and maintenance company, servicing across Suffolk & Essex, including Colchester & Ipswich.

CCTV systems also create a safer working and home environment, making sure your family, personal possessions and premises is safe with a trusted system. That's where our CCTV installation services come in, with our CCTV installation with only the best in high quality cutting edge home and commercial security systems.

Our CCTV offering

We offer a variety of types of CCTV system depending on the size of your premises and the complexity of your security needs. Depending on the specification of the CCTV system you choose, you can view the CCTV images and recordings live via a smartphone or PC wherever you are. That way, you can monitor your home or business even when you’re not in. 

Iniga have installed many different CCTV systems across Essex and Suffolk which have incorporated standard and wireless perimeter camera alongside internal CCTV monitoring. Our CCTV systems include:

  •  HD - Provides high-quality imaging with remote viewing capacity and Iniga technical support. High definition video is five times higher resolution and quality than standard-definition. HD resolution security cameras are designed for high-risk applications where there is a need for top surveillance images to identify people.

  • IP - Connect, control, record and view all your HD CCTV cameras in a single computer network, link multiple sites and view remotely. Our wide range of IP camera brands and models ensures we can offer a solution for almost any IP CCTV requirement whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

  • ANPR - Automatic number plate recognition monitor and control vehicle access and movements, including on-premises vehicle monitoring, and automatically read number plates to control access to your premises. Inigas range of ANPR systems are specifically designed to record vehicle number plates both in the day and at night, ensuring there are no blurred images if the vehicle is moving.

  • Facial recognition - Facial recognition CCTV is one of the latest developments in the field of monitoring and surveillance solutions. The CCTV system can automatically detect and recognise faces from short-range to long-range. The technology Increases real-time security and awareness with identification and verification software, identify potential perpetrators, protect your assets and provide better customer service 

All our CCTV systems come with remote monitoring so your system can be accessed from any internet-connected device wherever you are in the world. They can also be configured to deliver remote alerts in or out of working hours via email or text, so you know immediately if there's a problem.

We only supply CCTV systems from leading manufacturers such as HIKVision, Honeywell, Samsung and Videcon.

CCTV design, installation and maintenance

Our comprehensive CCTV installation service is much more than that. We provide system design, installation and ongoing maintenance, so you have everything you need for a fully functional security operation year-round.

We offer a 24/7 call-out service 365 days a year with a four-hour response time throughout Suffolk and Colchester.

Discounts are available for contract customers that require regular maintenance checks. We also provide Redcare and Dual Com Alarm Monitoring.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation for commercial CCTV installation. Find out more about our Free Site Surveys here.

We also provide a wide range of safety and security solutions, such as access control systems,  fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and more

Call us now, and we'll help you keep an eye on your business 24/7.

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